Feel Better About Your Body!

My mission is to help you build a physique you are PROUD of

What is Sweat and Steel About?

I’m Steve Tabick and I created Sweat and Steel

I started this blog because I want to provide a great source for guys to learn about health, fitness, diet, and how to enjoy them to help lead better lives.

Every guy’s fitness journey is different. It doesn’t matter where you start, it’s all about where you’re going.

Maybe you’re here because you’re like me; you’re skinny, self-conscious, and have tried everything to put on weight so people don’t tell you to eat another sandwich.

Perhaps you’re here because you’re overweight, frustrated with lackluster results, and afraid to take your shirt off at the beach.

Possibly you’re here because your doctor advised you your health has been suffering and you are determined to make a change and form better habits.

Perchance you’re here so that you can look  in the mirror and feel better about yourself thus helping you lead a better, more purposeful life.

Or it so happens you’re here because you want to become more attractive to your peers to help your love life.

No matter what your motivation is for being here, thanks for poppin’ in!

Once you get started, you’re going to see how making these changes based on what is suggested will help you live a better, happier, healthier, more fulfilling life that you can be proud of!

Once everything is set in motion, you’ll really enjoy working out and being active!

An important part of your success will be finding ways to enjoy your workouts!

If you don’t enjoy doing deadlifts or don’t have time to hit the gym, you can figure out other ways to achieve your fitness goals and still feel accomplished with your training.

You will just have to be willing to make small changes as they will incrementally add up to BIG RESULTS!

You will learn how to do exercises, create basic workouts, and create a meal plan and cook foods that will change your appearance and mindset.

Everybody wants to be in better shape and fail before finally learning and figuring out what helps them. If this sounds like your case, you’re in good company with more guys than you know!


Why Sweat and Steel?

My goal with Sweat and Steel is to help you break down the the barriers- mental, physical, and emotional that keeps you from changing your life for the better.

I struggled for years to get myself into decent shape and after FINALLY finding some success, I knew I wanted to help other guys who weren’t happy with themselves do the same.

I’m fortunate I was never bullied in school, but people were always amazed how skinny I was and would try to see if they could fit their hands around my biceps just for fun.

I entered college at about 6’2″ (6’1″ if you ask my girlfriend) and weighed about 105lbs. After working out daily and eating tons of empty calories, I left freshman year weighing about 140lbs feeling much more confident and happy with myself.

However, by the end of college, I weighed same weight, my lifting numbers plateaued, and I had a hurt shoulder from overuse.

After getting fed up with killing myself in the gym and no longer seeing gains, I decided to educate myself on proper nutrition and lifting strategies/form to help me reach my goals.

Today, weighing in at about 162lb, I’m still not the biggest nor strongest, but I came a loooong way from the skinny guy I was and want to help other guys who aren’t happy with their physiques that want to feel better and more confident too!


The Sweat and Steel Creed

All content created on this site is backed by scientific studies to make sure that the information you’re consuming isn’t just codswallop.

We are also going to focus on your mental attitude. There’s a HUGE difference in knowing you should eat healthier compared to actually eating healthier. We want to make sure you have the proper information to make this process easier.

We exercise because we enjoy it. If the idea of running countless miles on a treadmill sounds miserable to you, don’t do it! You don’t have to go to the gym and lift weights. Eating boiled chicken and brown rice three times a day doesn’t need to be your diet if you hate it.

There’s so many different ways to get into shape and all methods are acceptable. You should choose whatever you enjoy most! If you’d rather practice martial arts and rock climb, do those, just get ACTIVE.

About 80% of your success in creating the physique you’re proud is is based on what you eat. Admittedly, I have trouble with this one as I have a major sweet tooth and sometimes prefer chocolate over my daily chicken and quinoa.

HOWEVER, I believe in putting a good strategy in place for eating healthy while being realistic based on your life.

Sometimes, our lives, jobs, and families can make it tougher to adhere to a diet 100% of the time and that’s okay! You just have to find what works for your situation.

The most important aspect of getting into shape is MINDSET. You can always make excuses not to go to the gym or eat healthier. The ones that are happiest with their physiques and themselves focus on themselves and the genetics they were given.

We all have obstacles that inhibit our ability to get into shape. All we can do is our best to overcome them while trying to improve and feel better about ourselves.